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Oh, hello new friends!

My name is Kyl. My real name is spelled out as Kyle, but I think it looks cool to have it without the last letter. Got it from Sen. John Kyl of Arizona

My second name, Jumayne, came from the names of my aunts and my mother put together, Julie (Ju-), May (-may-), and Catherine (-ne) respectively. I want it to sound foreign and French so I require people to pronounce it as dzhyoo-meyn (haha!)

I’m a psychology major, and yes, I read minds.. Not!

I cut my own hair

I own 8 pairs shoes, and planning on buying more, especially those heelless shoes from DAS or Kermit Tesoro. They’re kinda expensive so I’m deciding on designing one personally and having it made and customized in a whatchamacallit sapatero. I wanna have the word “Imeldific” in my description, yes, soon

I can speak Kapampangan, but the accent is not just right; can understand Cebuano; and can’t speak Spanish at all

I wanna learn stuff about Japanese culture or anything Japanese

I do have awkward english right now, and I’m blaming it on my course curriculum for just having grammar classes only in the first year. I love to hate to blame it on having been addicted to Bob Ong and Eros Atalia books, but I guess that’s why I’m having a hard time in expressing myself in accurate english

I’m not good at remembering birth dates

I have this bitch stare; I frequently roll my eyes; some people think I’m a snob and really snotty

I have this mannerism in blinking. Like, tic or smth. But not close to having Tourette’s

I’m a waacker, and I think I’ll be staying as one. I do quite know how to dance jazz. I did some cheer dancing before

I’m crazy about John Mayer, Up Dharma Down, Foster the People, Gotye and Coldplay

I would love to have my own reality show a la The Rachel Zoe Project meets Newport Harbor

Studied French, but failed

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